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It is possible to have exactly the home you want. Without settling for a run-of-the-mill-and-expensive-to-modify builder’s design. Without paying an architect to do concept drawings and realising it’s another 10 years before you can afford that home.


As architects, we’ve developed a system that makes beautiful, contemporary housing completely affordable. And what’s more – we do it using the principles of energy efficient design and using materials that not only have less embodied energy, they also help to speed up the home building process.

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We take the time to understand our clients and what they want and to get their individual home plans perfect. However, after that, everything moves fast. By streamlining and systemising the construction process, we can cut the traditional build time by over half. Much of the build takes place offsite – so delays while waiting for trades, the weather or ensuring quality control are all minimised. And because many of the eco materials we use are in themselves time-saving – such as the fully insulated wall panels – we are able to gain even more efficiencies.

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