Among the trees


GH13 is a solid example of what GOODHOUSE is all about. It is a two storey four-bedroom home of moderate scale at 195m2. Like all GOODHOUSE projects, it is a high performance, low energy house that will maintain thermal comfort with minimal active heating or cooling. It has a correctly sized PV system and a home battery that will see all power usage covered or offset over the 12-month cycle.

GH13 has reinforced the importance of basing the overarching design approach on sound principles of sustainability, even if this means pushing outside what most would consider a logical and economic approach. The successful elements of GH13 can all be traced back to the Northern orientation and the idea of elevating the main house into the trees. At the time it felt like working against the contours was a risky move considering the potential economic implications, but in the end, it allowed us to deliver a highly cohesive and sustainable home.

framed views, connection with site, high performance, low energy