Low energy living

Goodhouse 07 - Strathalbyn

This Goodhouse was designed for an early retiree couple wanting a small footprint house that was low maintenance, functional and above all, super energy efficient.

Like all of our homes, the house is designed around basic passive solar principles and it is this design in concert with the high performance building envelope that means the operation costs are so low. The 4KW PV system is more than covering the energy usage, around 3KW/h per day, a fifth of the local area average.

The 30Kl RW storage is enough to keep the house running all year round with the water wise plumbing selections and a water sensitive garden. All waste water is dealt with on site offering a sizable irrigated area. This was no small feat considering the relatively tight block size.

Each Goodhouse is a composition of well researched materials, systems and construction details, and utilizes offsite manufacture where appropriate.  All elements have been considered in terms of the associated economic considerations, the performance and the carbon footprint impact.

This house is fresh, bright and homely. It is a sanctuary away from the sometimes blistering dry winds of the area, as well as the bleak, drizzling winter days. But for most of the times the tilt and turn windows are tilted in, the large sliding doors are open and the internal spaces spill out onto the northern pergola and eastern courtyard where the lovely gardens are beginning blur the edges of built form.

low maintenance, functional, super energy efficient